• On Demand Summer Storage

• Boxes delivered to your dorm

• Picked up from your door & stored all summer

• We deliver back to your dorm before school starts

"Ordering online was super easy!
The boxes came straight to my door like magic."

"It can't be any easier!
is the easy and
safe way to store
your stuff all summer."




Dorm Room Boxes is the easy way out of your dorm or college apartment because our easy and streamlined service of dorm room movers makes moving to and from college stress-free. We also make summer storage affordable! We have packages starting at only $499, which include free pickup, storage for the semester, and free delivery back to your door.  Summer storage for your dorm room can be easy and hassle-free. Our service is designed around college student needs and lifestyles.  By choosing to use Dorm Room Boxes, you’ll have more time to study and focus on passing your final exams. Relax and make college life just a bit easier by booking your dorm room move out today!

Use our on-demand solution for your dorm room summer storage.  Dorm Room Boxes is the solution to help you pack up and move your dorm room or college apartment.   Our summer storage packages have been designed to help you. You can be more productive and finish your term papers or final exams without the worry of moving your dorm room. Simply follow our three step plan:

  2. Pick up your moving boxes on campus
  3. Schedule your dorm room move-out on your phone.

We’ll arrive and inventory your items, then store them all summer long, and we’ll re-deliver them to your new dorm in the fall. Yes, it’s that simple, you now have on-demand summer storage at your fingertips!

Sign-up now as a student to get UP TO 65% off on your first booking.

Sign-up now as a student to get  UP TO 65% off on your first booking.

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