College Survival Tips

Top 5 college survival tips

College Survival Tips. How to make it through college without losing your mind.   College life is a unique mix of study, extracurriculars, sporting events, work, internships, parties, and the list goes on. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to handle student life, review the following list of college survival tips and you’ll be back on track in no time! 5.   Schedule study time— In a survey to gauge the effectiveness of college student’s study habits, researchers, Marissa Hartwig and John Dunlosky, questioned 324 undergraduates. It was found that those students considered “high performers,” were often students that dedicated specific times to their studies. Findings from the study revealed essential survival tips for […]

Tips for moving out of your dorm

Get the most out of your vacation days with these top 5 tips for moving out of your dorm. Take a break! You’ve earned it. After a grueling semester, a little rest and relaxation is long over due. There’s no need to lug your stuff from your dorm, to your parents place just to lug it back onto campus come the following semester. The secret to starting your school vacation early and enjoying it all break long is Dorm Room Boxes. When you choose Dorm Room Boxes for your dorm or college apartment storage needs, we do all the heavy lifting. Once you’ve signed up for the service we take care of the […]

Packing your pots and pans before moving

 Moving is an activity that most people despise and dislike which is most likely the reason you are on our website. Packing is also another task that most who are familiar with moving seem to avoid or put off to the last minute. When packing your kitchen you are going to have to pack your pots and pans. Packing is easier if you have the right materials before hand. When you begin packing your kitchen it’s best to have the following: Medium-sized, sturdy moving boxes. Packing paper, kraft paper, or you can be green and use old newspaper Packing Tape Black Sharpie Before packing you boxes it’s a good idea […]