Moving companies

I have experienced the worst of the worst when it comes to moving companies, as well as some of the best. Having my high dollar electronics thrown around like inexpensive toys were not what I had in mind when moving them to my new home. I have even had to help the movers as they were unable to lift one of my dressers from my basement, which ended up causing me to pull a muscle in my back that has plagued me for years. This is when finding a company with passionate movers is worth the cost.

I did get lucky when moving into my current residence as I hired Strong College Students they promised highly motivated movers that cared as much as I do. These guys were strong, kind, and passionate movers that were there to provide a service better than anyone else. The team was on time, friendly, and upbeat as they greeted me with a smile on their face. I was instantly reassured that my packing and moving goals were their first priority, and they weren’t kidding. The difference was night and day. These workers cared about their appearance, worked well as a team, and recognized the importance of the job at hand.

It’s difficult to put your trust in someone who doesn’t have the appearance of professionalism. It’s even more difficult to justify paying the cost to move my most expensive items not knowing if they are going to make it safely to their final destination. Finding a company that curbs your anxiety can seem impossible if you have had a bad experience with movers, but they do exist, and it’s a huge relief when you can safely put your trust in their services.

Finding the right moving company

Making the decision to move can be extremely stressful. The thought of having to move all your heavy furniture, expensive electronics, and other important items from your residence can seem like a daunting task. Hiring a moving company that cared for my belongings as much as I did was an important decision that made the process a million times simpler.

Having moved so many times over the past 5 years, I have gone through my fair share of “experienced home movers.” Unfortunately, hiring the wrong type of company can cause more harm than good. The last thing you want is to hire a company who doesn’t value your possessions. Hiring a reputable company that will treat your possessions and home with respect will pay for itself ten times over.

Moving Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

So you finally decided to pull the trigger and relocate to a new city, one that offers everything you could ever ask for: good homes, great jobs, lots of culture, and tons of awesome entertainment options. There are many moving companies in the Tampa Bay Area. Many of them are unlicensed and do not have the proper moving insurance or credentials to handle your belongings. As a service to our industry and to help prevent you from having an unpleasant moving experience we created these moving tips.
Make sure that the driver and relocation crew sent by the moving company has good instructions before you leave them with your belongings and/or they leave you. We want to make sure we get your belongings to your new destination quickly and in an efficient manner.
There are so many fraudulent/scammers in the moving industry that it can be difficult to make sure you pick a reputable company but definitely before hiring them make sure they have all the needed documentation and permits to be able to legally operate as a moving company (two guys and a truck can get you in trouble if you aren’t careful).
Another great idea is to have a backup plan in the event that the mover blows you off or no-shows the move. Strong College Students is a reputable company and has never no showed for any client in our history of operations. But we have been called out to help move clients who booked other fly by night moving companies
Always, always, always check the insurance that the mover carries. You want to be certain that they can and will cover anything that is broken in the move and/or you already decided that you just don’t care.