Moving Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

So you finally decided to pull the trigger and relocate to a new city, one that offers everything you could ever ask for: good homes, great jobs, lots of culture, and tons of awesome entertainment options. There are many moving companies in the Tampa Bay Area. Many of them are unlicensed and do not have the proper moving insurance or credentials to handle your belongings. As a service to our industry and to help prevent you from having an unpleasant moving experience we created these moving tips.
Make sure that the driver and relocation crew sent by the moving company has good instructions before you leave them with your belongings and/or they leave you. We want to make sure we get your belongings to your new destination quickly and in an efficient manner.
There are so many fraudulent/scammers in the moving industry that it can be difficult to make sure you pick a reputable company but definitely before hiring them make sure they have all the needed documentation and permits to be able to legally operate as a moving company (two guys and a truck can get you in trouble if you aren’t careful).
Another great idea is to have a backup plan in the event that the mover blows you off or no-shows the move. Strong College Students is a reputable company and has never no showed for any client in our history of operations. But we have been called out to help move clients who booked other fly by night moving companies
Always, always, always check the insurance that the mover carries. You want to be certain that they can and will cover anything that is broken in the move and/or you already decided that you just don’t care.